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Share Your Light

Every morning I wake up alone in darkness.

Then in the distance I notice a spark.

The spark reminds me that I’m not alone.

The darkness is all around us. It’s easy to see.

It takes more intentional effort to find the light...but the light is there too. Always.

Even on the darkest of days and the loneliest of times the light exists.

The light is in you. Some days it’s the tiniest spark. Some days a flame.

But a flame cannot exist without a spark.

The spark- though tiny and seemingly insignificant is monumental.

Alone a spark goes unnoticed. But many sparks together cannot help but become a flame... become a force.

The light in me sees and honors the light in you. Be the light. Feel the light. Share Your Light.

“A thousand candles can be lit from a single candle and the life of the single candle will not be shortened.” -Buddha

Our light was not put in us for us to shine and to show people that we have a light. Our light was put in us to share, to share it with the world and with others. When we are gone all that’s left of us is the light that we shared with others- the impact we had on others.

Imagine a candle is burning brightly- then suddenly the wind blows it out. If it never lit any other candles then the remnants of its existence will be extinguished with its flame. But if it lit other candles then though the flame on its wick may be gone…its flame has been transferred many times over through every wick it has touched and ignited.

Every living soul has a light within them that represents their purpose. It is up to us to find it and fulfill it. Finding purpose is a difficult journey that evolves over time. There are many people who struggle to connect with their purpose especially after experiencing hardship.

After suddenly losing my 17 year old son with no warning to Sudden Cardiac Arrest, I felt as if my purpose for living left with him. I wanted to give up. And for a time, I regretted every moment I spent helping others in fulfillment of my perceived purpose.

Then it hit me.

Anyone can do good when times are going good. Anyone can say they are living with purpose when it feels good. But the real test is what you do after you’ve been knocked to your knees.

Can you stay true to purpose then?

Anyone can speak of God's goodness when times are bright and sunny but the real test is how we praise Him when we wake up in darkness?

Can we proclaim His greatness then?

Our purpose doesn’t leave us just because motivation or drive is gone or even because pain has invaded our existence. Our purpose is with us until we have breathed our last breath. Then that purpose lives on in all those whose candles have come into contact with our flame.

Reflecting on my purpose in life and my faith in Gods purpose for me, I realized that although the person I am has changed due to my pain, my purpose did not- it only deepened.

I know that my experience is not mine alone but there are other people who have experienced variations of what I have that may need me to share my light in order to find the light that already exists within them.

Maybe their light is flickering- but remember a spark is the catalyst for a flame.

The light still lives within each of us. The light is our life force that is breathed into us when we receive our purpose.

So when we share our light, we are sharing the purpose that we were born to fulfill with the world.

Each of us were created with a light that exists in us. Each of us has a purpose- a gift, something they are uniquely gifted and talented to do.

We must ask ourselves, what is it that we were put on this earth to do? What are we doing to make an impact and find the light that lives within us? Because everybody was born to shine- and when we keep our light lit we give others around us permission to shine as well.

Whether it is a spark or a flame our light is needed. And a flame cannot exist without a spark.

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not."

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