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New Shoes

The day before Kobe and GiGi died, Vanessa Bryant posted a picture of her new Louboutin shoes.

She laughed as her daughter Bianka tried to walk in them.

As I scrolled through her page I saw many posts about designer shoes.

I too have posted pictures in designer shoes.

I can’t even look at those pictures anymore- much less wear those shoes ever again.

Those shoes are a reminder of the naivety that existed in the before.

I want it back- the naivety - the before.

I wish I could wear those shoes again.

The shoes that were designed for me.

After the unspeakable happened there are no more posts about designer shoes or a plush lifestyle because loss strips it all away.

No amount of money can ease the deathblow.

We wear different shoes now and our posts reflect the metamorphosis that we have undergone.

Us without them is a different beast.

These new shoes are uncomfortable and I don't know if I will ever get used to them.

These shoes were not custom made for me...or were they?

Was it always my destiny to walk this path... in these shoes?

Why were these the shoes designed for me?

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