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Happy New Moment!

Peace is not something waiting on us in the New Year.

Peace resides in each of us now.

On my holiday trip I felt so much peace. I asked my husband while at the airport on our way back, "What day is it?" We looked at each other and laughed because we didn't know and it didn't matter.

That's living in the moment.

In our own little paradise, we lived in the moment, unconcerned about tomorrow- truly submerged in today's peace.

I'm not worried about tomorrow.

Tomorrow is just another date on the calendar. Last year I was overwhelmed on New Year's day thinking about the pain of entering the new year without my child.

It was paralyzing.

Why give the date on a calendar the power to paralyze me?

I choose to live fully in the present moment.

What if we treat each moment like a celebration? Like a gift?

No need for the countdown! And it doesn't end tomorrow. Every single breath is celebratory!

To live every day to the fullest we must live in the present moment. Fully.

Happy New Moment!

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