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Do It For Damani

Life is hard And unapologetically short Impact isn’t measured by years But by lives touched- Hearts that remember our footprints long after the waves have cleansed the shore. And in his short 17 years Damani touched more lives than some do in 70. You don’t have to wait until you’re older to make a difference- To reach your goals- To do good deeds- To Leave A Legacy-

Do it for Damani Don’t waste another day I would give anything just to have 1 more day 1 more minute 1 more chance for him to LIVE He had big dreams Big plans for the future He’ll never get to see his dreams come true Never get to see tomorrow Never get to play college ball Or go to school Spend time with his family Start his business Or drop his album That he was going to finish “tomorrow”

Tomorrow. Isn’t. Promised.

Not to anyone

Time is limited We don’t know when it’ll be your last chance to do “IT”

So while you’re still breathing do it for yourself AND Do it for Damani

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