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Beauty From Ashes

We marvel at all the beautiful things God has created...the sky, flowers, mountains, oceans.

We travel the earth in awe of the beauty it possesses and sometimes are even brought to tears!

But God never commanded the angels to bow to the sun, the moon, the trees or the ocean.

He commanded the angels to prostrate to His greatest creation...the human.

We walk past each other indifferent, not recognizing the light...the essence of God that exists in each of our fellow beings.

"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself."

The first part of this verse is something I think we all have tried to embrace but I think many of us overlook the importance of the 2nd part...

"And your neighbor as yourself" can also be interpreted as "And your neighbor as your child" or "And your neighbor's child as your own child." We love our children endlessly and are ready to leave this earth because they did but our work is not finished. There are other people here who need what God has placed within us. Our love for our people can reignite our will to live. Suffering is what qualifies us to serve. But we don't have to live a life of perpetual suffering. Like the Phoenix we can emerge from the flames transformed- made anew, serving a purpose only possible because of the beauty we found in the ashes.

We are all flesh and blood, children of the Most High, created in His likeness. I see the divine light in everyone I meet and feel true love for everyone. My newfound understanding of the soul lets me know that there are people in my soul family that may not be in my "earthly" family. My family is not confined to flesh and blood. There are women I had never met who walked through the flames with me and helped me discover my wings, fellow grievers who are now family.

I never felt love like this before my awakening. I do not feel love...I am love. I radiate love. My fingertips tingle with the vibrations of love.

I see pictures of children whose eyes tell me stories of lifetimes of love and hope that guided them along the way. We call them old souls- but aren't we all old souls? Souls that reside in physical shells experiencing de ja vu throughout life- knowing people and having premonitions but brushing it off because we've lost touch with the knowledge we had before entering our physical bodies.

I have been awakened. I now speak with my heart and see with my eyes closed.

I weep over children I never met, holding a piece of them in my heart knowing that in some pre-ordained way they are attached to my own child, off in the distance waiting on our glorious reunion. Not gone- just away, in another realm experiencing the freedom of being their truest selves- souls not confined to bodies. Before my son's departure I didn't know the difference between my body and my soul. Now I do...and at times I feel this body. I have lost my attachment to this body- to this world.

It may sound crazy to most but I feel liberated in my ability to truly only focus on the present. I am more productive because I spend every moment focused on purpose. I do not count tomorrows because tomorrow is not promised and I am not afraid of that. I immerse myself fully in what I must do with my limited time on earth knowing that one day I will shed my body and emerge from the cocoon flying on to my next existence. It will be beautiful. It will be the finalization of true fulfillment of purpose. Every living soul has a purpose it must fulfill in order to experience being freed and returned to its truest self. My true self understands what my body refuses to admit. Pain broke me wide open... And through my cracks the light has ignited my soul.

I truly feel love in the hidden crevices of my being for "my neighbor." Many times the neighbor I love so deeply is a person I have never even met face to face but our souls have been drawn to one another through the bond that makes us sisters- our pain. The pain that ignites our souls.

My heart aches knowing that another beautiful soul has had to endure the gut-wrenching pain that has immersed me in the flames and made me anew. In the same breath I am in awe of the beautiful transformation her soul has evolved through. Not only has she survived, but she has learned to soar. She is my sister, a child of God, flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood- formed from the same clay- from the same earth as our ancestors, who thousands of years ago had soul connections to us. They spoke of our coming and the purpose we would fulfill. Our purpose was breathed into us in the wombs as we were chosen for this very mission. We rise up from the ashes, made anew- transformed, scarred but not scathed.

Looking in your eyes, it is clear that you are not ordinary. You are the woman who carries the weight of the world without buckling, never knowing the strength the day will require, yet finding a way to prevail. You evolve, rising higher and higher above it all. You sprout wings emerging from triple darkness, having learned to see with your eyes closed. Love reverberates from your being, penetrating all within your reach.

Your reach is vast, eternal- powered by pain and purpose impossible of being conceived without rising from the ashes. Pain brought us this point where love and purpose guide us to see in 3D with our eyes closed.

We are all God's children. All of God's children are our children. Our legacy is not dependent on flesh. It is dependent on our acceptance of purpose. Each life touched, leaves an imprint on hearts, minds and souls, infusing our essence into eternity. "Doing good for others" and "loving our neighbor as ourselves" is us cementing our legacy. We are the continuity of the legacy of those before us who entered the fire emerging unscathed. We were chosen for this mission, this purpose, this life before we ever breathed our first breath. We are His Greatest Creation.

I marvel at the beauty you behold and stand in awe of your grace under fire. I see you. I see God's light in you. You are not broken, you are made anew. You rise up beauty from ashes.

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